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Certification / 认证服务

  • EU CE certification
  • Russian certification
  • Us certification
  • Multinational certification
  • Brazil certification
    EU CE certification
    CE certification is the EU's basic product safety regulations, is to eliminate trade barriers in Member States, to facilitate the free flow of products in Member States, the unified regulatory integration. CE is from the French "communate europpen" abbreviation, meaning European community, and later developed into the European Union.
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    Russian certification
    Cu-tr certification of customs union is a unified product safety certification formulated by Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS. It is a kind of certification and is commonly used in three countries. The mark is EAC, also known as EAC certification.
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    Us certification
    FDA is one of the executive agencies established by the U.S. government in the Department of health and human services (DHHS) and the Department of public health (PHS). As a scientific regulatory agency, FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of food, cosmetics, drugs, biological agents, medical equipment and radiation products produced or imported in the United States.
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    Multinational certification
    Multinational certification includes Malaysia dosh certification, Colombia retie certification, Brazil Anatel certification, etc
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Testing / 检测服务

To pass the test and inspection of international standards is the basic requirement for entering the international market, and also a strong guarantee for product quality. Wozheng has been focusing on industry for more than ten years, which can guide enterprises to meet the requirements of international standards......

Supply chain / 供应链服务

News / NEWS